If you are experiencing difficulties making your rental or utility payments there are a number of non-profit organizations that offer assistance. Listed below are some of the ones we know with their contact information. Many get funds at different times and do run out. Therefore, you can expect that you may have to contact numerous agencies before being able to receive assistance. The internet is also a valuable tool in locating other assistance programs.

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Idaho Housing and Finance Association is a unique financial institution and administrator of affordable housing resources. In its simplest form, Idaho Housing’s mission is to provide funding for affordable housing opportunities in Idaho communities where they are most needed and when it is economically feasible.

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We provide a hand up to our neighbors when they need it the most, to keep them in their homes. Having a safe and stable home to live in is more important now than ever before. Help us prevent the traumatic, life-altering experience of eviction and homelessness from happening to our neighbors.

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We are here to provide temporary assistance to those in our community when other options are not available. If you qualify, we can help you pay for medical expenses, cremation, certain utilities, and rent. As part of Idaho law (Title 31, Chapters 34 & 35 of the Idaho Code), those who receive assistance may be required to reimburse the program – this allows us to continue helping others in our community.